Why Women Need Handguns

Some women tend be with guns their whole lives, whereas some may be new to them. It is a good idea for women to become aware of guns as well as using the same. Once they learn how to use pistols, they might want to know more about guns. They can simply search for the best pistols for women on the internet to get such information. It is unavoidable that women get to encounter dangerous situations coming their way. While it is important that self-defense practices should be established, guns are the best yet deadliest friends damsels may require. As pistols are meant for holding with one hand, they assure women of their efficiency and portability to use.

Hunting or self-defense – handguns can make the difference

There are tons of guns on the market, but only a few can suit women. For instance, the Glock-17, a most used handgun across the world, is made use of y law enforcers as a result of its unmatched reliability. It is lightweight and has seventeen cartridges within the standard magazine. This can be great piece for women in terms of self-defense. While being called the King of Handguns, the .500 S&W Magnum revolvers are made in such a way that even queens can handle them. These double action, 5-shot revolvers are among the most powerful revolvers today. These guns are ideal for hunting and sports and they are particularly designed for counteracting recoil that shooter feel.

The FNP-9 is one among the best in terms of handguns for women. It is accurate and simple for using. It has a wide, unique and smooth trigger, making it quite traditional for self-defense. The recoil is nothing to be worried about in this make. Beretta 92 is an Italian gun which features the open slide design for ensuring quick ejection and smooth feeding of ammunition. Hard chrome is used to make the barrel, which makes it corrosion-resistant and this gun is light in weight. The Walther P99 is a German pistol which is made for civilian shooting and law enforcement. It is built using steel and polymer, making it quite simple and easy for handling. Moreover, it fits any hand-size for easy and efficient shooting.

Power packed pistols that can save women from dangers

The QSZ-92 which also called as Type 92 Handgun is a semi-automatic handgun with a magazine housing fifteen rounds of ammunition. It comes with an accessory rail which can accommodate a flash or laser light. The frame of this handgun is made using polymer which makes it easy for using and lightweight. In the handgun world, the M1911 has a great significance, as it was used in the first and second World Wars as well as the Vietnam and Korean War. It is available in variants so civilians can conceal carry this weapon. In spite of several attempts for dethroning this make from the top, it continues ruling the shooting market across the world due to its flexibility and nice features. These makes and models of handguns are just a few among the best pistols for women and there are tons more on the market.

Interesting Facts About Firearms You Have To Know


Men have to know how they should conduct themselves in a responsible manner in the presence of guns. There may be things that they never knew about firearms. This applies even when people don’t own firearms, are not in to guns or don’t care for handguns. People can start with knowing the three important fundamentals of firearms. If they assume guns are loaded, they should place their fingers on the trigger till they are ready to shoot. Apart from these, there are various things about pistols that people have no idea about. There are many things about guns that may be still unknown to people. For instance, no one knows how many guns are there in the US, as no registry with such information exists. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control won’t create a registry for this purpose and it is a lot less likely for improving on existing surveys. If the objective is studying the gun owners’ characteristics, it will be difficult to outperform the General Social Survey.

A Fact You Did Not Know

The Ku Klux Klan is alleged to be a name that is obtained from its match to the cocking sound of a rifle. When America made Japan open to the world in the year 1953, some of the gifts presented to the presented to the representative of Japan were; twelve cavalry swords, fifteen hall’s rifles, twenty army pistols, three Maynard’s muskets, cartridge boxes, tow carbines, and a lot more things related to guns. It was once a custom for men to walk with ladies on their left so that their right arm was always left free. The speeding bullet from a Colt .45, as a result of its weight as well as speed, will have an impact which will be equal to getting hit by a brick which travel at a speed of 14o miles per hour.

How To Concealed Carry Gun

“Carry concealed” is a term which means concealing guns on people’s person. Hiding firearms allow people to better defend themselves because their assailants won’t know that they are armed. It also keeps others from noticing firearms, as some bystanders may become nervous when they notice people carrying weapons. However, people have to check the local laws pertaining to carrying concealed weapons. Throughout the nations, there are various regulation authorities like the justice department and highway patrol. People should learn if they need a license of permit to own firearms, where they can carry them and whether they can conceal them. Most states permit concealed carry, whilst some need people to pass firearms class for demonstrating proficiency with their firearms on shooting ranges.

How you can hide your weapons from bystanders

Pistols are easy for using and rarely malfunction; however they are difficult for reloading quickly. A semi-automatic handgun would be sleeker, which makes it easy to carry concealed, but it is difficult to handle and prone to malfunction. Semi-automatic pistols can be loaded by attaching magazines. If people carry extra magazines, then they can reload within seconds. People have to choose holsters which can hold their guns securely, allowing them to conceal them on their body. They can try several holsters to get the ones that best suit them. They may want numerous kinds of holsters so they will be able to carry concealed irrespective of what types of clothes they are wearing. There are a lot of potential ways for carrying. Some people may like carrying small pistols in pockets, while others might prefer shoulder holsters, as they accommodate pistols with larger frames. The choice is completely up to the people.

Holsters can help people to conceal their weapons

The most famous holsters to carry concealed are the IWB holsters. They attach to people’s belts with the holsters completely or partially hidden between their pants and their body. People can wear IWB or Inside Waist Band holsters in various positions, from the front of hips to small of backs. Shoulder holsters let people to carry their firearm under their arms. People have to wear jackets for concealing their weapons, when it comes to shoulder holsters. Other holsters to carry concealed can include; pocket holster, belly bands and ankle holsters. An ankle holsters can be hid underneath pant legs and belly bands let people to wear their weapons under their shirts. When it comes to pocket holsters, people can carry their guns in front pockets. People have to be able to safely and smoothly remove their guns from the holsters and re-holster the same. So, they should practice to draw their guns, however they need to make sure that their guns are not loaded at the time of practice. Also, people have to stay prepared for leaving their weapons behind in their office, car or at home when needed. They should make sure that their weapons are safely stored behind locks for preventing theft or accidents. Federal or state laws might ban people to carry concealed in some places such as bars or schools. For more information about carry concealed pistols, people can go online.

Most Reputable Brands in Handgun Industry

With the increasing sales in the civilian shooting market, a lot of pistol manufacturers are facing heavy competition. However, only a few of them are able to retain their name and stay among the top positions. Glock, the Australian pistol maker has been a great force in the pistol market since its 1st handgun, the Glock 17. The polymer-built handguns from this company are very famous across the world and find services in several national armies and law enforcement agencies. In the US, these handguns dominate the law enforcement segment with more than sixty percent of agencies across the country carrying these pistols. There are a lot of models of Glock that are available in different calibers as well as compact variants, so the manufacturer has issues in meeting requirements. Glock has added several conventional slide-mounted or frame safeties to handguns.

Which gun makers might make it to the top positions

Heckler & Koch is a renowned gun maker has several handguns for people, whilst its latest release VP9 is the most preferred gun from this German company. The VP9 is striker-fired handgun that is intended for competing with the product lines from other gun manufacturers. This gun features a replaceable grip back-strap to fit different sizes of hands, ambidextrous controls and an indicator to notice users when the chamber is loaded. This model does not have a compact variant. Also, this company has launched a .40 caliber version on this handgun. Heckler & Koch has good experience in providing handguns to the military by supplying HK45C and MK23. Other than Glock and Heckler & Koch, there are numerous renowned gun makers in the market and SIG Sauer is one among them. This is also a German manufacturer with a long history with handguns. The pistols from SIG Sauer have a major presence in the law enforcement market. Though, these companies may have the top 3 position in terms of profitable gun companies, there are also other players in the market like FN Herstal and Smith & Wesson.

Competitive pistol product lines help gun manufacturers to stand out

Smith & Wesson, a manufacturer based in Massachusetts has jumped back in to the pistol market with its line of products for the police and military. The product line is presently available in .45 ACP, 9mm and .40 in full-size as well as compact versions. This handgun was one among the first for featuring interchangeable back-straps. The company offers a safety that will probably be there on all the versions that it presents to XM17 program. This handgun has been doing well in the civilian as well as the law enforcement market. FN Herstal, a Belgian gun manufacturing company has an extensive pistol line in a lot of conventional calibers. The striker-fired Five-Seven is the company’s latest offering, which features .40 and 9mm caliber options. The manual safety and ambidextrous controls of the FNS are renowned features. The gun maker’s subsidiary has the contract for building M240 machine guns, M16 rifles and M4 carbines for the Defense Department. It also supplies various weapons to the Special Operations Command. If you are into guns and in need of more information like this, you can probably go online.

Bullet Types For Pistols

Understanding the construction of bullets for pistols is quite important when it comes to choosing the right type of bullets and understanding the reloading process. There are 3 basic kinds of bullet construction normally used in pistols; lead, jacketed and other types. Lead bullets are solid and these are cast, lubricated and low in cost. Jacketed bullets would have lead cores and outer jackets which engage with the rifling in the pistols’ barrel. Such bullets are a little expensive and have higher accuracy, while eliminating barrel leading. Jacketed bullets are allowed for use at local shooting ranges. Other kinds of bullets can include copper bullets, plated bullets and polymer coated bullets. Bullets for automatic handguns are generally jacketed or plated in terms of composition. Such bullets are smooth at the sides and optimized for consistent feeding. When it comes to revolver bullets, they are jacketed or lead in composition. Bullets for revolvers have more diversity than automatic handgun bullets, as they don’t feed from magazines. Thus, they have minimal constraints in terms or shape and composition.

Types of bullets and their characteristics

There are several kinds of bullets which have unique characteristics and purposes. The wadcutter is the most basic handgun bullet profile. Normally made using lead, these bullets are generally lead cylinders. The wadcutter has a variation called semi-wadcutter, a bullet which is cylindrical and has a shoulder. These can offer greater ballistic performance than the variant. Flat point is another type of bullet which has a flat point on its tip. These bullets can feed well and punch small holes in targets. The RN or round nose bullets come with a cylindrical body with round tips. RN bullets provide great feeding characteristics in automatic handguns and great ballistic performance as well. An RN bullet can’t punch a clean hole in the target, making it unfit for defense and hunting. The Round Nose Flat Point or RNFP is a cross between the Round Nose and the Flat Point bullets with characteristics that are similar to Flat Point bullets. The Jacketed Soft Point is a type of bullet that comes with exposed lead tips. This type of bullet offers benefits similar to jacketed bullets, but with greater stopping power as a result of enhanced expansion due to soft tip. Hollow Point bullets feature a hole in their tip that can enhance the expansion and stopping power.

the shape or size of bullets can affect the performance

The base profile is an important characteristic when it comes to shape of bullets. Plated and jacketed bullets generally have flat bases. Lead bullets can use a bevel base or plain base. Bevel base can enhance the placement of bullet, whereas plain base can increase accuracy. These are some of the basics of types of bullets and there is a lot more for people to know. However, this information is more than enough for getting started with the reloading process. For more information on bullet types, people can browse the internet to search for information about bullets and reloading process. There are loads of sites that offer useful information about guns and bullets on the internet.

Learn the basics to master your gun


It should be easy for shooting a handgun. People just point and then pull the trigger. People do this always in the movies and on TV, so it should be pretty easy. While the idea of this statement may be right – it is difficult to shoot – shooting is not going to be as easy as movies make it seem. People can’t simply pick up a pistol, and just shoot to hit the target. It is a known fact that any skilled activity requires beginners need to start with the basics for building a proper foundation. Once they learn the fundamentals, skills can be refined and expanded. In simple, first-time shooters can’t just pick up 1911 to bust the ten-ring on the targets. The basics have to be learned first and the basics of shooting handguns start with safety. When it comes to using guns, people may get to know about a lot of principles. However, the basic rules for handling guns in a safe manner have never changed. The guns should always be pointing towards safe directions. Guns should never be loaded until they are ready for using and people should keep their fingers away from the trigger until they are ready for shooting.

Learning how to shoot makes quite a big difference

Following the aforementioned riles can always prevent people from getting hurt while using guns. Such rules are the most important basics for people to learn before they pick up firearms and they should follow these rules whenever they are using pistols. Every shooter will start at the same place – the fundamentals. Also, professional shooters begin with the basics before they expand their skills to become champions. After mastering the basics, most sophisticated techniques can be tried like shooting competitions. Moreover, advanced shooters will be able to benefit by practicing the basics. Even an athlete would return to the basics; shooter should also do the same.

What needs to be controlled to be a good shooter

When it comes to the basics of gun handling there are several aspects that people have to learn. Grip – the way guns have to be held. When 1-or-2 handed, grip needs to be firm, consistent and high. For creating a good grip, the back-strap needs to be place in the web of their hands and the stock should be wrapped by their fingers. Aiming consists of sight picture and alignment and determines the impact point. If there is proper aiming, then there is no reason for people to shoot. Apart from these 2 things, there are also other things that help shooters in hitting the target. Breath control reduces the movement of gun. For practicing, shooters can take deep breaths, let out half and hold it while firing the shot. Hold control – this is for holding the pistol when aiming & firing with a strong grip and a steady firing position. When people squeeze the trigger, they should make sure that they don’t move their sights and gradually increase the stress on the trigger in   such a way that the bullets come as a surprise. These are very basic so any who needs more information about gun handling basics can look for informative websites.