Most Reputable Brands in Handgun Industry

With the increasing sales in the civilian shooting market, a lot of pistol manufacturers are facing heavy competition. However, only a few of them are able to retain their name and stay among the top positions. Glock, the Australian pistol maker has been a great force in the pistol market since its 1st handgun, the Glock 17. The polymer-built handguns from this company are very famous across the world and find services in several national armies and law enforcement agencies. In the US, these handguns dominate the law enforcement segment with more than sixty percent of agencies across the country carrying these pistols. There are a lot of models of Glock that are available in different calibers as well as compact variants, so the manufacturer has issues in meeting requirements. Glock has added several conventional slide-mounted or frame safeties to handguns.

Which gun makers might make it to the top positions

Heckler & Koch is a renowned gun maker has several handguns for people, whilst its latest release VP9 is the most preferred gun from this German company. The VP9 is striker-fired handgun that is intended for competing with the product lines from other gun manufacturers. This gun features a replaceable grip back-strap to fit different sizes of hands, ambidextrous controls and an indicator to notice users when the chamber is loaded. This model does not have a compact variant. Also, this company has launched a .40 caliber version on this handgun. Heckler & Koch has good experience in providing handguns to the military by supplying HK45C and MK23. Other than Glock and Heckler & Koch, there are numerous renowned gun makers in the market and SIG Sauer is one among them. This is also a German manufacturer with a long history with handguns. The pistols from SIG Sauer have a major presence in the law enforcement market. Though, these companies may have the top 3 position in terms of profitable gun companies, there are also other players in the market like FN Herstal and Smith & Wesson.

Competitive pistol product lines help gun manufacturers to stand out

Smith & Wesson, a manufacturer based in Massachusetts has jumped back in to the pistol market with its line of products for the police and military. The product line is presently available in .45 ACP, 9mm and .40 in full-size as well as compact versions. This handgun was one among the first for featuring interchangeable back-straps. The company offers a safety that will probably be there on all the versions that it presents to XM17 program. This handgun has been doing well in the civilian as well as the law enforcement market. FN Herstal, a Belgian gun manufacturing company has an extensive pistol line in a lot of conventional calibers. The striker-fired Five-Seven is the company’s latest offering, which features .40 and 9mm caliber options. The manual safety and ambidextrous controls of the FNS are renowned features. The gun maker’s subsidiary has the contract for building M240 machine guns, M16 rifles and M4 carbines for the Defense Department. It also supplies various weapons to the Special Operations Command. If you are into guns and in need of more information like this, you can probably go online.