An insight about the “famous always” Auto Mag

Handguns are lightweight, small and offer good firepower which is suitable for defense situations and game hunting. Depending on the situation, people have to make a proper decision in terms of pistol and ammunition. Handguns are generally classified into revolvers, non-autos and semi-autos. There are various companies that manufacture such firearms and some of them have great reputation in the market. While there are pistols that are equipped with the latest technology and features, guns from the olden days still have huge popularity and the Auto Mag is one among them. The famous Auto Mag, a large semi-automatic handgun was being designed between the years 1966 and 1971. It was manufactured by the company called Auto Mag Corporation for bringing the power of .44 Magnum to semi-automatic handguns. The gun’s look s and reputation made it very famous in novels, cinemas. This shot-recoil operated handgun had a rotary bolt amid locking hugs at the front just like the AR-15/M-16 rifle. Also, this handgun was designed for shooting 240 grain, .429 inch bullets at the .44 Magnum revolver’s velocity. It was in the year 1970, when Harry Sanford, the president of the Auto Mag Corporation opened a gun factory in California. The 1st pistol was shipped in the month of August in 1971. The company declared bankruptcy in 192 after manufacturing a few more than three thousand pistols.

Why the Auto Mag corporation sank

The company was short-lived for various reasons. The Auto Mag’s design team that tool the handgun from a working and highly functional chrome-moly steel prototype to a less reliable and more complex stainless steel handgun. This team also disagreed with the president about how the corporation should proceed. It was convinced that the handgun was not ready to be produced at a profit. The team realized that even with a perfect design, the gun’s wholesale price had to be increased to a great extent or the organization would be bankrupt. The team resigned as it was not able to make a deal with the president, which paved for a new production to get in to the picture. This group was not concerned about making profits as it was mainly concerned about production. As a result, the manufacturing processes were very expensive, and then the guns were not assembled well due to the push for getting the products delivered. The Auto Mag guns were severely underpriced for indicating huge market demand to prospect investors made it impossible for the company to be successful. This resulted in the company losing a lot of money.

What the Auto Mag consists of

The Auto Mag pistols came with different chambering builds while a few things remained the same. The length of the barrel was 6.5 inches, while the total length of the handgun was 11.5 inches. The .357 AMP guns were weighing 54 oz each and the .44 AMP pistol weighed 57 oz. The guns had a stainless steel finish and came with seven-round 1-colum box magazine. These are only a few features and there is a lot more to the Auto Mag pistol. Harry Sanford was one among the larger-than-life entrepreneurs who was striding the gun business. He developed an amazing range of sophisticated designs and crash landed due to lawsuit. He is well known for massive Auto Mags in 2 different calibers that grabbed the attention of the public. On the other hand, his designs have their places among the most interesting ones. The Auto Mag II stands for the 1st successful .22 Magnum handgun that was produced as well as marketed to the civilians. This gun has a held back blowback action. It is sleek and appears like a stainless steel combination of 1911 Colt and open framed Beretta. The frame has a width of 0.79 inch, while the grip is 2 inches wide. The pistol would feel like a slim, nice M1911 in your hand. The Auto Mag II was offered with3 barrel lengths: 6, 3-3/8 and 4-1/2 inches.

A few of the features of the Auto Mag II are

  • Steel magazine
  • 9-shot
  • 3-dot system
  • Hammer-blocking safety
  • Trigger-guard
  • Slide top

Internet can be an ideal source of information about handguns

People who are familiar with the M1911 won’t have any issues in disassembling the Auto Mag II. In case, they have doubts, they can always look for help on the internet. There are tons of gun owners across the planet and a wide range of reasons for them to own guns. Before people consider buying guns; they should look at their reasons or examine a few things for doing so. This will help them decide if owning guns is right for them. Some people think that owning a gun will make them look cool, whereas some people buy guns because their parents had guns. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of websites that sell guns as well as provide interesting information about different types of guns. If you are interested in guns, then you can start searching for a reliable website.