Why Women Need Handguns

Some women tend be with guns their whole lives, whereas some may be new to them. It is a good idea for women to become aware of guns as well as using the same. Once they learn how to use pistols, they might want to know more about guns. They can simply search for the best pistols for women on the internet to get such information. It is unavoidable that women get to encounter dangerous situations coming their way. While it is important that self-defense practices should be established, guns are the best yet deadliest friends damsels may require. As pistols are meant for holding with one hand, they assure women of their efficiency and portability to use.

Hunting or self-defense – handguns can make the difference

There are tons of guns on the market, but only a few can suit women. For instance, the Glock-17, a most used handgun across the world, is made use of y law enforcers as a result of its unmatched reliability. It is lightweight and has seventeen cartridges within the standard magazine. This can be great piece for women in terms of self-defense. While being called the King of Handguns, the .500 S&W Magnum revolvers are made in such a way that even queens can handle them. These double action, 5-shot revolvers are among the most powerful revolvers today. These guns are ideal for hunting and sports and they are particularly designed for counteracting recoil that shooter feel.

The FNP-9 is one among the best in terms of handguns for women. It is accurate and simple for using. It has a wide, unique and smooth trigger, making it quite traditional for self-defense. The recoil is nothing to be worried about in this make. Beretta 92 is an Italian gun which features the open slide design for ensuring quick ejection and smooth feeding of ammunition. Hard chrome is used to make the barrel, which makes it corrosion-resistant and this gun is light in weight. The Walther P99 is a German pistol which is made for civilian shooting and law enforcement. It is built using steel and polymer, making it quite simple and easy for handling. Moreover, it fits any hand-size for easy and efficient shooting.

Power packed pistols that can save women from dangers

The QSZ-92 which also called as Type 92 Handgun is a semi-automatic handgun with a magazine housing fifteen rounds of ammunition. It comes with an accessory rail which can accommodate a flash or laser light. The frame of this handgun is made using polymer which makes it easy for using and lightweight. In the handgun world, the M1911 has a great significance, as it was used in the first and second World Wars as well as the Vietnam and Korean War. It is available in variants so civilians can conceal carry this weapon. In spite of several attempts for dethroning this make from the top, it continues ruling the shooting market across the world due to its flexibility and nice features. These makes and models of handguns are just a few among the best pistols for women and there are tons more on the market.