What handguns were famous for futuristic technologies?

The beginning of the century when military pistols were getting chambered for cartridges that don’t emit smoke, there were tendencies for making them in equal size as their rifle counterparts. This is exactly why there are .32 as well as .30 caliber handguns in France, Sweden and Norway as well as Austria and Switzerland. Some thinkers of this period thought that bore size of future guns would smaller like .25. Without doubts, these military guns that come with smokeless cartridges have turned to be very deficient in terms of stopping power. They have adequate bullet weight and velocity for giving excellent stopping power. When the same thing is done to revolver cartridges, people will end up with cartridges that have over power. The cases in such handguns won’t be long enough for holding sufficient quantity of powder. Also, the bullets were of traditional design and they were too heavy for being fast. This in turn led to small holes put on the target.

With the emergence of 9mm cartridges in to the picture during the 1st World War, small-bore handguns and their cartridges were never considered as great fighting tools. The 9mm was never really good like fighting handguns like the .45. However, it came with advanced auto loading feature with convenient weight and size that was capable of holding several cartridges. When there was a desire for deeper penetration, primarily for permitting the SMG that was famous for competing with manually operated rifles, cartridge manufacturers responded with copper jacketed, steel core or steel jacketed bullets that fired at traditional velocity or a little faster. Such enhancements were the reasons behind 9mm bullets better penetrators. However, the same feature minimized the bullet’s stopping or wounding power in few cases as the bullets started penetrating torso with only little stopping power.

How did modern handguns start taking over the market?

After the Second World War ended, body armors began becoming popular. The body armors were first used in Korean War for stopping artillery fragment and bullet; however, not direct strikes bullet. Later, ballistic vests emerged and they were made use of in the police force for defeating traditional pistol rounds. And, then vests which were capable to stop rifle-powered rounds were developed for use by raid teams. This made the military to become interested in opting for these vests for protecting the soldiers.  The rifle cartridges used by the military is quite difficult to completely defeat with vests which can be worn in a comfortable manner. Still vests along with web gear consisting of steel-cased ammo in the magazine can stop artillery fragments, rifles rounds and SMG-powered or handgun projectiles. These are only some weapons that were once great examples for future technologies of handguns. There are lots of gun makers in the industry who keep coming up with new and powerful guns. For instance, Glock is one company that manufactures guns with latest technologies integrated in them. If you have great enthusiasm for guns, then you should probably look for sites that provide great information about guns. You can simply do this by searching for reliable sites that are in to guns.